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"Since I found Nancy and Jerry I have such a great feeling of relief knowing my big boy is in such loving hands.  I enjoy every minute of my vacation now - and so does he!"  Anne


"Misty loved it so much she didn't want to come home with me.  I love Jerry and Nancy.  It's obvious what care and attention they give to every guest.  Since I brought Misty to Snuggles I've never worried about going on vacation again".  Maxine

"My 15 year old tabby, Lily, was so at home and comfortable that she didn't want to come home.  Jerry and Nancy are very caring, beyond what they need to be, and their facility is super."  We love them."  Diana and Sam

"They'll love your cat almost more then you do."  Abra

"This is the best kitty boarding in the world!  Our cats are always loved and come home very relaxed and mellow.  Nancy and Jerry love what they do and it shows.  No matter how quirky your kitties may be, they will be purrifically happy!  Nan

"It just doesn't get any better.  Snuggles is a find.  Nancy and Jerry will treat your cats as though they are their own."  Barb

"After seeing pictures I knew this was the place for Tom to stay.  The place was more incredible than imagined.  All the suites are big enough to walk right in and spend time with your baby.  Tom is in the first stage of cancer so the thought of leaving him was very emotional for me.  When I went to pick him up he headed right back to his Snuggles room.  He decided he was staying!  I will never leave him anywhere else.  I love, love, love Jerry and Nancy."  Julia


"Lulu has been calm and content since returning home and not at all cranky like she's been when I boarded her at other facilities.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Jennifer

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