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About Us

We want to know our guests and they are treated as members of our own family.  Some even get to spend time in our kitchen.

Pampering and spoiling are the signature of Snuggles Inn.

Cats don't belong in cages, most are scared and depressed when they first arrive, then placing them in a box will, more than likely, accelerate their fears.  We learned that time and attention are the two most important keys to winning a guest over.  We want them to have a restful and stress-free vacation.  We could fit in more cat rooms, remove pod spaces and family rooms but then it wouldn't be Snuggles. 

Playroom Areas

Our kitty guests love and take ownership of their rooms, but they still enjoy lots of lounging on the sofa and lap time, watching television, running up/down the stairs or just sitting in front of the fireplace.  Since no cat wants to mingle with a stranger, let alone get hurt or scratched, their out time is individual or family only time. 

The Garden

​Venturing out into the garden is the choice each owner makes for their pet.  The garden is fully enclosed and always supervised by a Snuggles caregiver.  We do not have garden time in the winter months and we don't recommend it for a first-time visit.  Charge for garden time is $20 for a half hour.

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